Eggciting Experiment

Do you think eggs are the same all over the world?

Raw eggs
Glass cups

1. Place a raw egg into a tall glass cup. Pour enough white vinegar into the cup to cover the egg. You will notice soon after that bubbles are forming on the shell of the egg.
2. Set the egg aside. After 24 hours, carefully drain the vinegar from the cup, and again pour enough vinegar into the cup to
cover the egg. Record your observations HERE
3. This time, set aside where the egg will not be disturbed for 7 days. Do not touch it, but each day observe what is happening
to the shell, or what is left of the shell at this point.
4. After a week, carefully rinse the egg. What does it look like? How does it feel?
Link to site with experiment on it
Name of Class
White Egg
Brown Egg
of Egg
What do you think will
happen to your egg?
Mrs Soltau-Heller's K/1 Class
Vancouver Island, BC
The egg will hatch.
The egg will crack.
The egg will get moldy.
The white egg might turn brown.
The egg will get bigger.
The egg will shrink.
Mrs Soltau-Heller's Class
Open the Door to B4(Mrs McKenzie)
Reefton,New Zealand
The shell might break (Mason)
After lots of days I think it will be blue and spotty (Yaksh)
I think it will 'eggsplode'! (Elizabeth)
The shell might have a crack in it (Matthew)
Open the Door to B4
Room 9 Einsteins
Dunedin, NZ
1 = White
2 = light brown
(Free Range Chicken eggs)
It might shed its skin
The shell might crack
The shell might go soft
The shell might go bouncy
It could feel rough
The shell will harden and become unbreakable.
The yolk might seep out into the vinegar.
The Neinsteins
Comet Kids
Washington, usa
White, brown chicken eggs and duck eggs
external image photo+1.JPG
Turn brown or white, or blue disappear, show up, do nothing, melt, turn around, break or crack open,be clear, turn clean

Mrs. Goodwin's 2nd grade class
Berne, IN

Mrs. Wideen's grade 1
Windsor, Ontario
The eggs will blow up.
The shell will turn into powder.
The eggs are going to grow bigger.
A chick will come out.
The eggs will are going to melt.
Mrs. Wideen's Grade 1 Blog
Mrs. McNichol's k class
Newport News VA
Mrs. Fennemore's Kinderkids
St. John's, NL Canada


It is going to explode.
It is going to crack open.
The shell is going to crack.
Hanz thinks it is going to turn brown.
Ms Clayton K/1
Vancouver Island BC

It might pop open.
It will crack, break.
The egg will hatch and the chick will get damp.
If it cracks open, we might see the yolk inside.
The Bird Nest @birdnest71
Mrs Melva's K/1 class
La Loche SK
Mrs. Hiebert's KinderPals
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
The egg will explode.
The egg might crack in half.
The egg will crack and spread all over the place.
The egg might crack and the yolk might be a different colour.
The egg might pop out of the cup.
The egg might turn a different colour.
The egg will pop.
The yolk might overflow out of the cup.
The egg might turn into a hard boiled egg.

Dallas, Texas
The egg will crack.
The egg will hatch.
The egg will get bigger
The egg will turn gray.
The egg will disappear
The egg will be mushy
The egg will turn white
The egg will get black spots

Mrs. Knee's KinderKids
Deerfield, New Hampshire
We have 2 brown eggs and 2 white eggs.
The egg will crack.
The egg will explode.
Nothing will happen.
The egg will shrink.
It will get bigger.
The egg will blow up.
The brown egg will get white and the white egg will turn brown.
The egg will shrink.
The KinderKids Blog
Ms. Lukerts Class- K4
Coppell, Texas
Peace, Love & Kindergarten
Mrs. Rice's Grade 1 Class
Prince George, BC, CANADA
Brown eggs
- The egg might explode.
- The vinegar might eat the egg
- The vinegar might take off the shell.
- The egg might turn into something else (like ice).
- The egg might turn a different colour.
- The egg might crack open.
- The smell might change.
Mrs Rice's Class
Mrs. Melhorn's and Mrs. Hoogendoorn's K classes
Franklin Lakes, NJ
White Eggs
Will be posting soon
-The egg is going to shrink
-The egg is going to change colors

Mrs. Malo's Kinderoos
Simcoe, ON, Canada
1 White & 1 Brown
The egg will melt.
The shell will come off in the vinegar.
It will turn into an Easter egg.
The egg might be cracked.
The shell might get all over the water.
The eggs might change colour.
The shell might open and the inside of the egg might go on the bottom of the glass.

Mrs. Ruddy's Kindergarten
Glen Allen, Virginia, USA
white egg in water, white egg in vinegar, brown egg in water, brown egg in vinegar
external image IMG_2287.JPGIMG_2287.JPGIMG_2289.JPG
The eggs in water will stay the same.
The eggs will hatch.
All the eggs will stay the same.
The eggs in vinegar will get bigger.
All the eggs will get bigger.
The eggs in vinegar will disappear.
The vinegar will disappear.