Day One - March 26, 2012

We looked at our egg, felt it, smelled it and took pictures of it. Here are the materials we used for our eggsperiment:fuck you

We also had another egg which we cracked, felt (inside and out...whites, yolk and shell) and smelled.

We smelled the vinegar. We thought it smelled like chips! We put our egg into the cup and filled the cup with the vinegar. This is what we think might happen:

  1. The egg will explode.
  2. The egg might crack in half.
  3. The egg will crack and spread all over the place.
  4. The egg might crack and the yolk might be a different colour.
  5. The egg might pop out of the cup.
  6. The egg might turn a different colour.
  7. The egg will pop.
  8. The yolk might overflow out of the cup.
  9. The egg might turn into a hard boiled egg.

After the egg was in the vinegar for a few minutes, we saw bubbles form on the outside of the egg.

Day 2-March 27, 2012

Today we drained the vinegar out of the cup, and it looked like this:

[[image:Egg_w:o_vinegar_day_2.jpg width="238" height="320"]]

Then we added more vinegar, like this:


This is what our egg looked like in its' new vinegar. The bubbles were already forming again and we can see yellow where the white shell was. We think we can see the yolk. We think that there are holes in the egg shell to let the air out and make the bubbles. We think that the shell is dissolving in the vinegar.


Day 3-March 28, 2012

The biggest change we saw today was the egg looking very yellow. There were still lots ofbubbles around the egg, and the vinegar still smelled strong. There was white scum on the top of the vinegar. We wonder what that is?


Day 4 - March 29, 2012

Our egg looked much bigger today. We wonder if the egg is absorbing the vinegar? It looks very squishy, but we are waiting until Monday to take it out of the vinegar and touch the egg. We showed our big buddies our egg and our observation booklets today. They were very impressed with how much we were like scientists!


Day 5 - March 30, 2012

The egg looked a little bigger, but it was pretty much the same as yesterday.


Day 8 - April 2, 2012

Today we took our egg out of the vinegar. It felt squishy and smelled like vinegar. We tried to bounce it and it bounced a little bit. We tried to bounce it higher, but it popped and the insides of the egg came out of the membrane. Here is what we saw: