Our egg
Day 1: 27 March

Our predictions:
The shell might break (Mason)
After lots of days I think it will be blue and spotty (Yaksh)
I think it will 'eggsplode'! (Elizabeth)
The shell might have a crack in it (Matthew)

Day 2: 28 March
Our observations:
It is floating.
There is reddish stuff on the top of the vinegar.
Nikki thinks the red stuff is off the egg.
There is a bit of reddish stuff on the egg and it looks like the shape of a nose!
The egg is covered in bubbles

We felt the egg!
The egg felt softer.
It felt bouncier!
Some of the brown came off the egg.

Day 3: 29 March
Our observations:
The egg looks bigger.
Lots of the brown colour has come off the outside of the egg!
There are some bubbles on the egg.


Day 4: 30 March
Our observations:
We can see the yolk at the top of the egg.
There is lots of brown scum on to of the liquid.
The brown shell has disappeared off the egg.


Day 9: 4 April
The last day!
We tipped out the vinegar.
The shell was gone.
The egg felt soft and spongy.

We decided to se what the egg was like inside.
Check out the video on our blog to see what happened!
Open the Door to B4

We've really enjoyed our egg experiment.
Thank you Mrs Soltau-Heller for the great idea!