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Jamia, D'Nejah Jaiden and Mrs. McnIchol
a white egg, it was oval, and small
we smelled vinegar
no sound
we measured with yarn to see how big it was, it felt hard on the outsideit felt smooth
Bird Nest Class
(Ms Clayton"s Class)
one white egg - oval and one brown egg -long oval
pouring of vinegar
We took pictures of the two eggs and we will tweet (@birdnest71) them. Brown egg is from hobby farm and white is store bought.
Mr Gomez' Class
one small brown egg with speckles. the shell is smooth and shiny.
.vinegar dripping
It weighed 15 cubes
Mrs. Hiebert's KinderPals
one large white egg, lots of bubbles!
Vinegar pouring
The egg felt hard and smooth.
Comet kids
lots of bubbles, and there's a white spot in the middle. It loospa sparkly
it smells like a box. Smells gross
it sounds like the ocean
we are wondering if the eggs will hatch. Cj's mom said they need to be fertilized andkept warm to make a chick. Our eggs werepicked fresh from the farm or are from the store so a chick can't grow.
Mrs. Knee's KinderKids
At first nothing happened when the vinegar was put in the jar. Then it looked like bumps were growing on the eggs. We looked closer and the bumps were really bubbles. The eggs got covered with bubbles. Then a while later there was foamy stuff on top of the vinegar. The white eggs had white foam and the brown eggs had brownish foam.
The vinegar didn't smell very good.
We didn't hear a sound from the jars but the Kinderkids were doing lots of talking about the eggs.
We decided to use two kinds of eggs - two browns and two whites just in case one gets broken.
We forgot to weigh them but we may weigh another egg so we will have an idea of how much the eggs weighed before.
Mrs Fennemore's Kinderkids
One white egg. Bubbles started to cover the egg.
The egg started to look like a snowball as the bubbles grew. It was floating
only the sound of the vinegar pouring in
We used a plastic cup for our afternoon group. We wondered if anything different would happen?
Mrs Soltau-Heller's Class
We saw bubbles on both of our eggs. We noticed that after a couple of hours the white started to float.
We are using a brown and a white egg. We noticed that our brown egg has a crack in it. We also noticed the vinegar with the brown egg in it had some brown scum floating on top of the vinegar.
Room 9 Einsteins
Our eggs started to float a little bit straight away. We compared our eggs to the other photos on this site and wondered if both our eggs are actually brown rather than white.. We would love to know what you think but we don't think we ever see eggs as white as the ones in your photos...
We set the experiment up at the end of the day but saw that the vinegar began to bubble within 10 minutes.
quiet fizz
Our eggs are bought from the super market but are free range eggs. If you zoom in on the picture, you will see there are bubbles almost immediately.
Day 1
Mrs. Malo's Kinderoos
A white egg and a brown egg.
Little bubbles started forming on the eggs. Some thought they looked bumpy.
The bubbles floated from the egg up to the top of the vinegar.
After 30 minutes the eggs started to float.

We decided to do one white egg and one brown egg. They were cold when we started because they came out of the fridge.
Day 1
Mrs. Melhorn's and Mrs. Hoogendoorn'skinders
We used a white egg. We put it in the vinegar and watched the bubbles start to form.
Smells like egg dye.
We think that the egg is going to bigger and crack. We also think it is going to get mushy.
Day 1
Mrs. Ruddy's Kindergarten Class
The eggs in vinegar started getting bubbles on the shell.
The brown egg in vinegar has a little red on it.
The brown egg in vinegar looked a little pink.
The brown egg in vinegar had some dark brown patches and some light brown patches.
Something was floating on top of the vinegar.
The white egg in vinegar looked a little pinkish.
The eggs in water looked the same.
The eggs in vinegar started to float.
Vinegar smells bad.
It smelled like chips or rubbing alcohol.
The water didn't smell.
We didn't really hear anything.

Day 1
Mrs. Goodwin's Class
(2nd grade)
We used a white egg and put it in a jar with vinegar. It was covered with lots of bubbles. It started to float and sink and float again after a little while.
It smells stinky.
We heard a little splash as we dropped it in the vinegar.
We thought it looked like it
grew really big but think it was the
glass that made it look

Day 2

Day 2
Mrs Fennemore's Kinderkids
When we poured out the vinegar the bubbles stayed on the egg!
Sam said the egg stayed at the bottom!
The bubbles floated to the top.
The bubbles are not moving!
There are more bubbles on the side!
The egg looked bumpy!

The egg in the plastic container
looks a little brown! We think it might be because we didn't use a glass one!
Day 2
The Einsteins
The eggs feel softer and is beginning to collapse.
There is a brown residue on both eggs and in the water.The white egg turned brown. There is a colour change is in both eggs. Weacid in the vinegar is affecting the colour.
The egg has an eggy odour and the vinegar still has a strong vinegar spell.
We compared the eggs to the originals and we think the shell is beginning to dissolve but the egg white is not leaking out.
Day 2
Mrs SH's K/1's
We had an a huge discover when we came to school today. Our egg with the crack in has leaked. The white egg has some spots of yellow showing through the shell. We are not sure why.
The vinegar isn't as strong as yesterday. When we changed the vinegar our whole class smelled like vinegar.
Day 2
Mr Gomez' Class
-The "skin" started coming off
-The color is getting lighter
-More bubbles
- The egg turned sideways (horizontal)

Day 2
- brown egg felt breakable
- squishy
- when we touched it a little went on our finger and there was white underneath
- with new vinegar it looked bumpy
- brown one is changing to white
like vinegar
no sound

Day 2
Mrs. Melhorn's & Mrs.Hoogendoorn's Kindies
-It is bubbly and floating
-It is mushy
-There are cracks
We changed the vinegar and added food coloring.
Day 2
Mrs. Ruddy's Kindergarten
There are bubbles on the top and all around the egg.
The egg feels like a marshmallow.
The brown eggs has brown stuff floating on the top.
The brown egg is changing to light brown and dark brown patches.
The vinegar eggs are still floating.
It still smells bad.

Day 2
Mrs. Goodwin's Class
It is puffy and there is powdery stuff on top of the egg.
The water is foamy on top and there are brown bubbles on the top of it. It is still floating. The egg is turning tan.
It smells like rotten vinegar.
no sound

Day 3

Day 3
Comets Kids
It was squishy said Christian. It felt like soft boiled said Dean. My bubbles turned red said Ahlena. My duck egg is turning blue said Kaylee. It looked like skin came off said Austin. It was squishy said Jayden. It has white stuff on top said Isaac. It felt like a bouncy ball said Maggie. My egg was cracking a little bit said Jocelyn. My shell came off- it went up where the bubbles are.
external image photo+2.JPGexternal image photo+3.JPG
It smelled like a gross tree said Kayli, like candy said Christian, like a soft boiled egg said Dean.

Day 3
Mrs SH's K/1
The white egg is yellow. The white egg is all bubbly. The brown egg has a bit of brown bubbles. The egg white is tuching the sell.
The brown egg is stinky. The white egg smells like rotten eggs.
I heard popping bubbles.

Day 3
Mrs. W's 1
Screen_Shot_2012-03-28_at_8.54.34_PM.pngThis morning when we came into school, we could actually see the yolk! There was a lot of scum on the top.
It still smelled like vinegar.

Day 3
The Einsteins
Exciting changes in two days!
  • There is a lot of scum on the water that looks a bit like blood.
  • Both eggs are a lot bigger than the control egg that is still in the packet.
  • When we held it up to the sun, we could see the yolk and the egg is almost transparent.
  • The yolk is in the narrow upper end of the egg - we wonder if it has floated upwards?
  • When we took the egg out of the jar, we realised the shell has gone.
  • The eggs felt rubbery and firm - a bit like a bouncy ball.
Still smells like vinegar but not as sharp.
We wonder if the eggs will continue to swell.
Day 3
Mrs. Hiebert's KinderPals
We saw scum floating on our vinegar.
There are still lots of bubbles on the egg.
We can see yellow in the egg. Is that the yolk?
We can still smell the vinegar.

Day 3
Mrs. Ruddy's Kindergarten Class
The brown egg that was in vinegar turned white, got big, and was squishy.
The eggs in vinegar were bouncy.
The eggs in water weren't doing anything.
The eggs in vinegar were smushy and the ones in water were not.
The white egg put in vinegar is not the same color as the white egg in water.
We still smell vinegar.

Day 3
Mrs. Goodwin's Class
There is skin coming off the egg. It feels squishy.
We still smell the vinegar.
no sound
The bubbles come off the
egg when we touch it. It is at te
the bottom of the jar after we pushed on it.

Day 4

Day 4
The Einsteins
Today we took the eggs out of the jars. They felt firm and have definitely grown lots. Ms Bee dropped the egg gently on the desk and it bounced. The egg has completely disappeared and we think the scum is all that is left. We wonder if the acid in the vinegar has dissolved the egg shell. The egg white is almost transparent now and we can easily see the yolk.
vinegar and something else...

Our word of the week is OSMOSIS. Why do you think that is?

It is Friday here... we wonder what it will look like on Monday - Day 7?!
Day 4
Mrs. Hiebert's KinderPals
Today our egg looked bigger than it did yesterday. We wonder if the egg is absorbing the vinegar? There are still lots of bubbles and we can see yellow in the egg. The egg looks squishy, but we haven't touched it or taken it out of the vinegar yet. We are waiting until Monday to touch the egg.

Day 4
Mrs Soltau-Heller's K/1
Our egg has no shell left and we can see through it. It bigger than a raw egg.
We don't hear anything
We did a very nice job of labeling a picture in Skitch but then our teacher accidentally deleted it.

Day 5

Day 5
Comet kids
external image photo+1.JPG
stinky vinegar
the vinegar eggs bounces. The control egg did not- it hit the table with a thud and a crack.

external image photo+2.JPG

external image photo+3.JPG
The egg in vinegar is bigger than our control eggs (the ones in water and left alone stayed the same.) The vinegar egg is see through. It is yellow. It is squishy.. the control egg is hard. The membranes can crack (or break are soft but strong. The vinegar eggs are bouncy.

Day 5
Mrs SH's K/1's
The egg still smells like vinegar even though it is in water.
We heard the vinegar pouring down the sink. We heard the water from the faucet.
Today we took our egg out of vinegar and dried it off. We then put it into water and we put red food colouring into the water. We had a hard time getting the egg out of the jar it had swelled so much. The egg is now red.
Day 5
Mrs. Malo's Kinderoos
The outside of the brown looks yellow and it is turning white. The shell came off and is stuck on the glass. The eggs have gotten bigger. We are starting to see inside the eggs and there is something that moves inside the egg. It is shaped like a football.
It still smells like vinegar.

Day 8
Mrs. Malo's Kinderoos
We drained the eggs, looked at them and felt them. These are our observations:
  • We could see orange inside.
  • It was squishy.
  • Felt light.
  • It's yucky.
  • It was wet.
  • Both of the eggs were white - they were both the same colour.
  • It was rubbery like a bouncy ball.
  • Felt like it was going to explode!
  • It was cool!

Then we popped the egg.
  • We saw the yellow yolk and the white of the egg.
  • There was also a lot of liquid we think is the vinegar.
  • The outside part was floating in the vinegar.
It still smells like vinegar. It smelled good.

Day 8
Mrs SH's K/1's
We popped the egg. We saw the inside of the egg. We saw pink water, the red membrane and the yellow yolk.
lt still smells likavinagar.
We heard nothing.

Day 8
Mrs. Hiebert's KinderPals
We took the egg out of the vinegar. It was squishy. We tried to bounce the egg. It bounced! We tried to bounce it higher, but it broke. We saw the membrane, the yolk and the white.
It still smells like vinegar.
We heard the egg pop and the liquid white rushing out of the membrane.